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Custom Applications

Apart from the standard benefits of cloud based software the following are the main benefits of incorporating a cloud based application into your business or project.

We develop dynamic reliable scalable responsive applications for web and mobile.

Past Products

We have built many successful products in different industries. Our experiences have made us experts when it comes to working with new ideas, from conceptualising to architecture. Let us guide you in making your project a successful one.

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Our Services

Backbone is focused on creating custom digital solutions using the latest technologies available to achieve something that has never been done before.

Agile Process

As business processes are always forced to adapt to change so our development process adapts to constant change. This ensures that you are completely satisfied with the final result. Using a agile development process you can change requirements at the beginning of each cycle.


Sometimes businesses come to us with exactly what they want. Other businesses come to us with challenges they face and rely on Backbone to help scope. Whatever the case this stage is to define the minimum viable product - get the best bang for your buck.

Documented concepts and requirements including ideas that can be considered later. We then quote you for the defined requirements.


At this step we design what is going to be built. Workshops with your team or just observing allows us to identify business processes and workflows in detail. We are then able to mix your workflows with digital technologies that streamline and achieve the best efficiency.

Designs and proposed workflow diagrams will be presented. These would require your approval before we move on to implement them.


Our team commences with its development work. Each day we have a stand-up meeting with the team and stakeholders to discuss what has been done or any road blocks. This ensures all parties are informed of the status and are able to give input.

Development progress updates will be sent to you as well as Beta versions of your system to get feedback on certain features.

Test & Accept

This is where we test all that has been developed and then present to you for user acceptance testing. This simply means that we guide you through what has been completed for your approval or if something is not to your standard then we will resolve at no cost.

Software is presented to you for approval.

"Always there"

Once your application goes live our team will be there to support it. Offering training and integration services for your new application to work seamlessly in your operation.

Meet the Team

  • Clifford Whittaker CEO

    A passionate family guy that has a "can do" attitude to life. Apple's representative in the office and the driving force behind Backbone.

  • Andrew Campher CTO

    A beer connoisseur and closet PC gamer. His a perfectionist when it comes to work. Spends most his time finding better ways to do things.

  • Brendan Van Der Merwe Development Manager

    The "Back" in Backbone, our Clash of Clans leader and all round solid guy. Recently engaged to his nurse girl-friend.

  • Altus Carstens Architect / Senior Developer

    Eat sleep code repeat... the machine. Drives a fast bike. Could be a cyborg...

  • Angelo Saim Developer

    A never give up attitude. Into Anime and comics. Wants to one day move to Japan - return to his family...

  • Arndt Knoetze Developer

    He can be found at Trance parties on most weekends. His music makes him code super fast. Great cook.

  • Jeremy Kaplan Developer / QA

    Our Danish native, into very fast/load cars.

  • Andro (Bobby) Treurnicht Developer

    A frontend jedi master, passionate Footballer, Loving dad.

Dont forget our Temp staff, Interns & Suppliers

We are able to scale a team to meet any project requirements.

Careers at BACKBONE

If you like what we do and feel that you could do some things better then please send through your resume to jobs@backbonemedia.co

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